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Posts on Sep 2018

Innovation is our future…..

Farming never stands still, over the years the cost of production and income have not increased inline with each other. In order to be sustainable, agriculture has continuously innovated to increase production from less resources, more livestock or acres per labour unit, machines have increased in size and technology has stepped in to take on tasks where automation is possible.
In November I will be going to Eurotier to see the newest innovations in livestock farming, one particular machine that is of interest is the Schuitemaker Innovado automatic feeding machine. Schuitemaker Innovado Automatic Feeder
This was launched at Eurotier 2014 and I have been watching its development ever since. In my opinion, this is one of the better options for anyone looking for automatic feeding for livestock.
I am sure there will me even more exciting innovations to investigate, admire and potentially be instrumental in their introduction into UK agriculture as I have been over the last 15 years…

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