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J F Hudson Ltd AktivPuls

AktivPuls is now available in the UK.

The LAMMA award winning innovative milking cluster.

AktivPuls milking cluster with vacuum relief for the teat, and perfect milk transport.
Successful milk production requires constant efforts to improve all areas, from feeding and management through to milking technology.

In the new generation of ™AktivPuls with SSC° Technology three distinctive and patented innovations have been implemented.


More milk 
The duct on the liner barrel offers an optimal air inlet for perfect milk transport from the teat to the claw piece.


Faster milking
Perfect milk transport and maximum milking capacity.


Optimal udder health
Reduced stress on the tissue through vacuum relief positively affects the milk yield and the health of the udders.


Healthy, soft teats
The vacuum level during milking corresponds with that of natural milking to a great extent and significantly reduces the vacuum load on the teats.


Sustainable and animal-friendly
The teats are softer and the functional milk duct acts as a natural barrier against infections. The head ventilation on the liner prevents irritating head vacuum during milking.


Effective massage
7 integrated massage zones for short and long teats: the walls of the liner barrel are designed in such a way that a reduction in the compressive force results in a highly effective and gentle massage.


The Silicon-PRO° requires no maintenance at all, as the Smart-AIR° air inlet nozzle is optimally cleaned. Convenient vacuum relief at the teats to 15-20 kPa is effected through sealing of the slant closure at the outlet. The special oval shape of the barrel ensures safe vacuum relief functioning.

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AktivPuls won 2 awards at LAMMA 2019, the Gold award for innovation in the livestock caterogy and The LAMMA Founders award.