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APR – Automatic Pasture Reader

J F Hudson Ltd APR – Automatic Pasture Reader

Brand new to the UK in 2019. 

The APR is mounted on a vehicle and automatically measures pasture height and replaces old time consuming manual devices such as Plate meters. If you want to make better decisions based on the available quantity of grass and as a result increase profits and make pasture management a breeze, then the APR is for you.

The APR takes multiple measurements of distances between pasture height and its sensor. 
The average pasture measurement above ground is then displayed as height (cm) and Dry Matter (kg DM/ha). The APR will also tell you the Dry Matter available per animal if you enter the size of the paddock and the number of animals you want to graze. 
Results for all paddocks can be saved and downloaded at a later date.

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