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4G Rural Internet Solution

J F Hudson Ltd 4G Rural Internet Solutions

If you could have reliable internet access anywhere, what could you do?

– Install a Heat Detection System in remote buildings.

– Have internet access in a farm office.

The possibilities are endless.

Reliable Internet Access Anywhere.

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Router Box

Innovation on farms is leading to a need for internet access on more farms in the UK. Robotic Milking Systems, Animal Health Monitoring Systems and CCTV are a few examples of systems that require reliable and efficeint internet access to be able to operate effectively. Our 4G routers are designed for the less favourable environment found in farm buildings with a housing that is water and dust proof. The router is mounted so that it is possible to see the indication lights to be able to easily identify the system is operating correctly.

External Aerial

The External 4G Aerial can be mounted onto a window or pole and enables the router to achieve upload and download speeds that would not be possible without it. Extension cables can be supplied to enable the External Aerial to be mounted in the optimal position.

Temporary Internet Access to a Demonstration Heat Detection System.

CRV Avoncroft wanted to offer farmers the oportunity to demonstrate the Ovalert heat detection and health monitoring system on their own farms but needed internet access to the system. Our system is ideal because it can be easily moved from farm to farm with minimal installationt time and cost. It also offers faster internet access that any alternative internet access solution.

Hydraulic Thumb