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Cad n Cut Services

CAD n Cut Sketch of required Parts CAD n Cut Self Propelled Slurry Tanker CAD n Cut JF Stoll Feeder Wagon CAD n Cut Foot Trimming Winch To Suit Squeeze Crush

This is a completely separate facility offered by J F Hudson Ltd to the buildings design service. Our unique CAD n Cut service allows customers to access industrial processes such as laser, water and plasma cutting and 3D printing to create, modify or repair machinery and equipment employing a wide variety of materials. this service has a wide range of applications including

    • Increasing the efficiency of equipment and reducing running costs.


    • Reducing the time required for production of one-off and repetitive parts


    • Extending the usable life of machines that may be deemed no longer fit for purpose or for which the parts are obsolete.


    • An easier method of prototyping using 3D printing

Previous projects include, for example, re-plating the augers of a twin auger tub feed mixer using a series of overlapping Hardox steel plates bolted to the augers.



Sketch of the required parts.

Sketch drawn into AutoCAD and sent to metal processors.

Final product fitted.