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J F Hudson Ltd is the Exclusive UK Distributor for Spapperi.

J F Hudson Ltd is the Exclusive UK distributor for Spapperi N.T. S.r.l. range of plant growing equipment.

Spapperi have been manufacturing machines in Italy for 55 years and the range includes pneumatic and mechanical seed drills, transplanters for bulbs and cuttings, inter row and inter plant weeders, manual and mechanical ridgers, fertiliser and placers and irrigation hose collectors, medicinal herb harvesters and in field folding conveyor belts for harvesting.

Spapperi have developed the range over many years to solve a range of problems and demands from a wide variety of customers.   


Spapperi Inter Plant Weeder

Semi-Automatic inter plant weeder available in 1, 2, 3, or 4 row configuration with option for manual or hydraulic rotor control.

Functioning consists of the rotation of the weeding tools ensured by a pump/ multiplier unit, applied to the power take off of the tractor. The operator, seated on the equipment, by moving the control levers, carries out the weeding by moving the tools closer to and/or farther away from the plants.

Adjustable distance between rows.

Work depth of the weeding tools manually adjustable through the bearing wheels.

Rotary milling cutters equipped with 3 Spapperi mod. weeding tools.

Independent hydraulic system with filters.

Lever for rotation change of the weeding tools.

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