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  • Building Design Services Testimonial

    There was a need for us to change milking site when our old unit was overcapacity and outdated. On pondering what type of milking system to use, we stumbled across James Hudson as he was involved with supplying concrete slats. He took us to visit other farms with unit which he had designed, which we found very useful. To that end James had past experience with robots and understood cow flow and optimum dimensions required for the smooth operation of the unit. We found it particularly useful to be able to sit at our kitchen table with his computer aided design (CAD) program and look at what if scenarios, which helped very much to get the perspectives right as well as the practicalities. Between us we were able to come up with a design that we were both happy with. After the initial outline plan we were able to further improve the finer details and incorporate other useful features. Since completing the unit the cows have settled in very well and we have seen a yield increase of around 20% which is partly attributed to the robots and partly a testament to the building layout and design. I would recommend James Hudson, as he has the in depth knowledge of all aspects of dairy unit design, and with his CAD skills and personality is able to deliver a unit to be proud of a pleasure to operate in.

    J F Hudson Ltd Independent Dairy Building Design CAD n Cut Logo The Newbould Family, Gisburn, Lancashire
  • CAD n Cut Testimonial

    I had the idea of making some Hardox wear plates for my mixer wagon augers I asked James Hudson to help. James took my rough sketches and transformed them into dimensionally accurate CAD drawings. I made the modifications and emailed them back. This made the design process very simple. Once we were both happy, the CAD drawings went to the metal processors and they picked them up with their CNC Plasma Cutter and cut them out. Often the CAD drawing stage can be the biggest lead time but James worked quickly and efficiently. James helped me to fit a large rear manhole to our self propelled slurry tanker. This was easy for me as all I had to do was draw a quick sketch, take a picture of it and email it to James. James then quickly turned my ideas into a CAD drawing, cut the parts out and sent a very precise selection of parts arrived. James has a good knowledge of farming as well as engineering experience. I enjoy working with James, he offers a professional ear and gives sound confident advice. It made for a satisfying and well thought out solution.

    J F Hudson Ltd Independent Dairy Building Design CAD n Cut Logo Nigel Dinsdale Dairy Farmer, Leyburn, North Yorkshire